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Fortune & Maltese
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Have any Fortune & Maltese videos of European or USA shows? Drop us a line! We'd love to check 'em out (and will give you a few F&M singles to trade). Write us at FORTUNE & MALTESE, 2011 Rowland, Royal Oak, Michigan 48067 USA.


Sonic Sounds From Seattle

Seattle Cover

Fortune & Maltese's explosive 4 song finale! Recorded in Kingsmen Country -- Seattle Washington at Kearney Barton's legendary Audio Recording Inc. (studio equipped with the same analog goodies used by THE SONICS and DON & THE GOODTIMES). Includes: Girl Go Run Away, You Watch The Road, Don't Question Me AND Jump, Jive and Harmonize! On Dionysus Records (ID0745102).

Dionysus Logo

Fiddled While Rome Burned EP

Keystone Cover

We know it's been YEARS, but F&M's long-awaited Keystone Records EP is finally OUT! Recorded waaaay back in the day when J.C. Graves plucked the bass. This collection was in fact put to tape at his house!

Tracks include: Wrong From The Start, Fiddled While Rome Burned, I'm Cryin' AND Mind Reader!

Thick vinyl and heavy-stock cardboard sleeve...a jukebox EP to be proud of! Contact Get Hip Records for distribution info.

Trashmen Tribute Out Now!


Fortune and Maltese make the Trashmen scene on TAKIN' OUT THE TRASH: A TRIBUTE TO THE TRASHMEN with Sleeper (and King Of The Surf on the limited-run promo 45). On Double Crown Records. Also features killers by The Saturn V, The Boss Martians and The Untamed Youth!

Bobby Fuller Tribute Out Now!

Fuller Single

Available from Japan...

OUR FAVORITE TEXAN: BOBBY FULLER FOUR-EVER! tribute album featuring Fortune and Maltese. Click HERE for the entire track listing!

Ventures Tribute Out Now!


You've heard of the Twist? You've heard of the Stomp?

This tribute to the Ventures features F&M tackling
The Twomp! On MuSick Records.

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