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F&M perform "Pamela" on OUR FAVORITE TEXAN: BOBBY FULLER FOUR-EVER, out NOW in Japan from #9 Records.

Send 'em an e-mail or write: #9 Records, Aoike-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya 456-0075 JAPAN.


Track Listing:


1. Let Her Dance - Bill Lloyd

2. Rockhouse - The Incredible Casuals

3. Love's Made A Fool Of You - Buzzed Meg

4. Another Sad And Lonely Night - Kevin Johnson

5. Julie - Michael Shelley

6. Shakedown - Young Fresh Fellows

7. Take My Word - Sleeping Giant

8. I Fought The Law - The Brothers Figaro

9. Nancy Jean - Richard Barone

10. Fool Of Love - Charlie Chesterman

11. Saturday Night - Health & Happiness Show

12. Baby My Heart - Liquor Giants

13. Pamela - Fortune & Maltese And The Phabulous Pallbearers

14. Thunder Reef - Jackie & The Cedrics

15. My True Love - Marshall Crenshaw

16. Don't Ever Let Me Know - John Moremen

17. Only When I Dream - Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings

18. It's Love, Come What May - Jamie Hoover

19. A New Shade Of Blue - Steve Almaas

20. Never To Be Forgotten - George Usher

21. The Magic Touch - Buzzed Meg


Contributor Charlie Chesterman comments on the BF4 Project:

"Bobby Fuller must have been a terror, him and his brother Randy. What other kid have you ever heard of that got his Mom and Dad to turn the family house into a recording studio? I'm thinking he used blackmail. Or a Mexican .38. One thing for sure, he was hip mad and driven by rock and fueled by the same spirit that possessed Buddy Holly (his idol!), Chuck Berry, John Lennon and countless others (including the rock and rollers on this collection!)"


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