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Fortune & Maltese
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Praise for FMPP!

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FORTUNE & MALTESE and the Phabulous Pallbearers - CD (Get Hip!)

19 of the 21 tracks were originally released as an album on Screaming Apple Records. Thankfully for me and other "connoisseurs" of retro rockin', Get Hip has seen fit to make this collection available again. If you get behind Untamed Youth in a big way, Fortune Maltese and crew should get you just as excited. One look at the cover, with the Paul Revere and the Raiders meets the early Makers fashion statement and you gotta know that frat rock is spoken here! Most of the songs are originals but sound like '60s vintage pop/rock ala Sam the Sham, the Kingsmen and any number of groups found on comps of the Pebbles variety. The covers include the "Everly Brothers', "Gone, Gone, Gone," Bobby Fuller's, "Take My Word" and "Let's Dance" that I can't help but think of as a Ramones tune, though it was a hit when they were in diapers the first time around. Hell, maybe it will be a hit when they are in diapers again some day... But getting back to the disc at hand, there are lots of harmonies, organ fills, classic guitar work and non-stop teen beat action on a veritable plethora of good time punk/psych/pop music. Yeah, I like it. 

P. Edwin Letcher, Flipside, Issue #116

FORTUNE & MALTESE and the Phabulous Pallbearers - CD (Get Hip!)

Hoo whee! Raiders style Garage-Beat that is so powerful- YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN! They probably get the crap beat out of them for wearing those tri-corner hats and thigh high boots around town but hey- that's half the fun! You'll probably only need this record for your next barnburner. (21 tracks. 49:12 playing time)

J.J., Mohair Sweets, Issue #4

It's almost summer, so treat yourself to some true surfer grooves by Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers! These 5 kool dudes from Michigan will have you counting the days 'til school's out! With their "melodic sting of the organ and string," Fortune & Maltese brings back the days of 1960's frat rock. Who could forget those glory days? Praised by the press as "The New Kings Of The Kampus," these guys make a mockery of the American University environment in the most phabulous way. Check out "Tappa Kegga USA" or "Pizza Party Twist" from their famous albums, and you'll be surfin' high!

The Happy Clam, Capitol Records'

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)

There existed between the first Presley gyration and the first flaming guitar a whole fraternity of squeaky-clean rock bands populated by nice boys who knew how to harmonize as well as accessorize (usually sweaters with ties). They weren't particularly rebellious, but they liked having a good time as much as the next guy. In an age when rebellion is prepackaged for Squirt, we're luck to have bands like Michigan's FORTUNE & MALTESE AND THE PHABULOUS PALLBEARERS, who treasure the spirit of "frat rock." On Konquer Kampus -- an album of Peppy gymnasium harmonies with bikini-taunt guitar riffs and a very groovy Farfisa organ -- Fortune & Maltese use their Crest smiles to win at things that matter most: school, girls, pizza and the science fair. It's the perfect combination for the frug, the watusi, the pony, the hully gully or the jerk...

Silke Tudor, SF WEEKLY

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)

MID-SIXTIES ORGAN-drenched frat party hijinx run rampant on Konquer Kampus. Just listen to "Tappa Kegga USA" and these sweater-sporting college playboy wannabes will have all those beer-guzzling slobs who worship 311 and Sublime bowing to their spit-polished penny loafers begging for more of their Beach Boys/Hondells surf-garage pop harmonies. The nebbish duo of Freddy Fortune and Mike Maltese provide the wonderful harmonic dynamics that hearken back to the innocent Brian Wilson/pre-Vietnam era of flashy hot rods, fiberglass surfboards and buxom blondes in polka dot bikinis"Cuttin' Class," "Study Break," and "Pizza Party Twist" embody the Phabulous Pallbearers idea of higher education. "High Horse" is a flat-out stroll gone haywire that sounds suspiciously like Tommy Tucker's "High Heeled Sneakers." The uncharacteristically squeaky clean instrumentation is dead-on 1963 frat rock - think the Lettermen patterned after Human Beinz instead of Peter, Paul & could proudly file this record along side your Paul Revere and the Raiders, Kingsmen, and Chris Montez albums.

Ron Bally, Tuscon Weekly

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Leave No Stone Unturned" single/video (Get Hip)

As zany as The Monkees and cooler than Batman's car, these five guys from Michigan make it hip to be square. With their bowl cuts and slim ties, you might mistake 'em for the early Beatles, but they pack a modern punch (with lots of retro panache) that will soon wipe those moldy oldies out of your mind and replace 'em with "tomorrow's sound... today."


FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)

Freddy Fortune & Mike Maltese are responsible for the great band that makes a mockery of the American University environment. They just edited their second LP (the first one was put out in Germany) and it is an invitation to the dance floor. The beat sound including chorus and authentic garage sound, is thought to be pure entertainment. Fortune & Maltese have made it possible to make this LP a number one hit in all [Spanish] west coast radio stations thanks to new songs such as Pizza Party Twist.

Penthouse, Spain

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Genie In The Lamp/Vampira" 7" (360 TWIST!)

This band sounds better with each listen. "Genie In The Lamp" comes out over "Vampira" because of its well-planned organ and guitar parts that complement each other. The same applies with the guitar and bass lines in "Vampira," which equally rocks, just not quite as much as "Genie." This record is a fast player that's guaranteed to have your foot tapping. One of the best releases from 360 Twist that I have.

Make Room Online Zine

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)

At the head of the class this time is the pride of Kalamazoo, Mich., Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers. This high-octane quintet boasts stacks of quality wax, the "Konquer Kampus" album (Hillsdale) being the best yet. The matching uniforms and tri-cornered hats recall Paul Revere & the Raiders, but the grooves also spurt a combination of Jan & Dean with the grit of ? & The Mysterians at their lustiest. "My Baby's Hearse," "Cuttin' Class" and "Cuz I Want You" help explain why the Fortune lads are a wall of Vox amps ahead of the competition, and each are highlighted by glorious back-up harmony vocals and expert playing. Fortune & Maltese are one of the few modern garage combos that often out-perform their '60s idols.

Timothy Gassen, Magnet Magazine

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)

Detroit via Kalamazoo outfit Fortune & Maltese (and the Phabulous Pallbearers, of course) preach to the gathered keg-tapping throngs tales of lust, Saturday night drag races and unspoiled tales of hot dogs, miniskirts and pizza pie from their pulpit center stage at Phi Tappa Kegga. Konquer Kampus is the band's full-length manifesto of clean, hedonistic fun. F&M's three-part vocal sunniness rides high atop Vox organ-driven musical savagery (in the process upping the ante on Paul Revere & the Raiders and entering territory reigned over by Tacoma, Washington '60s frat rock monarchs the Wailers). Where other retro-fitted rockers merely ape the music of yesteryear, Fortune & Maltese live and breathe the sounds from a time when all you needed for a good time was a hi-fi and a six-pack of Stroh's, and they let the good times shine through every track. Hide your girlfriends when you see them coming down the block and don't be afraid to do the Freddy to "Truth Serum," "(She's a) Blow Out" and the 12 other back-in-the-day AM radio hits of Fortune & Maltese.

Chris Handyside, Detroit Metro Times


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