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Fortune & Maltese
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MORE Past Praise...


I am happily inundated with the best sounds of the year...Fortune & Maltese already tipped my LP vote, but they top themselves with what could be the best two 45s of the year. Their 'Leave No Stone Unturned' b/w 'Time Has Gone' single on Get Hip is a folk-garage-pop masterpiece, full of the expert songwriting and arranging that made their 'Konquer Kampus' LP an instant hit. Their "Bewitched" 45 for Larsen is on the much grittier side, and just as effective as their poppier efforts...the Pallbearers take the fuzz to another level.


Cosmic Debris

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)


The Bobby Fuller 4 and Paul Revere & The Raiders get in a matter transporter with 60s surf & drag producer Gary Usher at the controls! Oops, a power surge!


Ron Thums, REQUEST Magazine

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)


I can't say enough good things about this album or this band. Hell, I can't think of any BAD things to say about 'em at all. On the back of this one, they claim it's "a dance fan's dream album" and the grooves sure bear that out. From the kick-off blast of "If Push Comes To Shove" right through the final lap on their "High Horse," Fortune & Maltese offer up some of the swingin'est sounds the whole world 'round. This is pure 60s teen stompin' with both snarl and chime, depending on the situation. Not only do they write and sing some incredible songs, but they've got a crackerjack backing group in The Phabulous Pallbearers. Tons of material to love here"Tappa Kegga USA" is straight up frat fun that jumps and shouts, but with some killer guitar raging in the break; "Cuz I Want You, Yeah I Need You" has more garage-punk leanings, aided by the able accompaniment and clear guitar sound of those Phabulous Pallbearers and, yes, those sweet harmony vocals these guys do better than any other group on today's scene...that alone is worth the price of admission. Should you buy this? Do you really have to ask? There are few bands out there worth your time and money the way these guys are. Buy it, play it, and play it again. And again. Thank me later.


The Teen Scene

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)


Is Hillsdale the best label on this planet or what? Well, I'm not gonna pick favorites between Estrus, Norton, Dionysus and others, but with this LP and the Boss Martians 'Jet Away' LP, I have two albums that will provide listening pleasure for years to come. If you dig frantic, testosterone-driven rock and roll, you can't ask for much more that the 14 tracks founds on this LP. All of the tunes are up-tempo, sweat-soaked rockers that will get everyone in the room up and dancin' in no time. The lyrics and song titles are great, like 'Tappa Kegga U.S.A.', 'Pizza Party Twist' and 'Girls Ruin Everything.' So grab fancy threads and get ready for an intense, all-out stomp-n-shout frenzy!


The Continental #2

FORTUNE & MALTESE and the Phabulous Pallbearers - 12" (Screaming Apple)


In a recent issue, when I was reviewing their second EP, I compared these guys to pre-Dick Clark era Paul Revere & the Raiders. Listening to this, their first full-length LP I still have to go with that description as they've really got that hard-drivin', swingin' from the rafters party sound of those early Northwest garage rockers down pat in a big way. I defy anyone to be able to listen to this without wanting to jump up and dance, scream, shout, shimmy or whatever - there's just no way..."Low Man On Her Totem Pole", "I Just Don't Care" and their scorching version of the classic "I Found a New Love" are among their best ever. If you're into jumpin', can't-sit-down garage that's easily in a class with the best of Untamed Youth and the Swingin' Neckbreakers, this is definitely the way to go!


The Platterpuss

FORTUNE & MALTESE - "Konquer Kampus" (Hillsdale)


Y'know, back in the day before hippies, frat bands ruled the musical roost of the good ol' US of A. Mighty groups of wild men with names like Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Sonics, The Wailers, The Swingin' Medallions, Don & the thirty years later, the golden keg and panty raid goggles are passed onto the Delirious Duo, namely Fortune & Maltese! Along with their backup cronies The Phabulous Pallbearers, these midwest nut-cases bring back the golden age of kegs, porta organs and girls with bangs through three way-out singles and three over-the-top full-length waxings. All these are ready for you, courtesy of Happy Hour, Screaming Apple and Hillsdale record companies. Their live shows are legendary. Their records a gas Bands this great come around very rarely, don't miss out on Fortune & Maltese. You might end up extinct like those pathetic patchouli procuring primates, the "Flower Children!" Eek!!!!


Bad Trip #10

Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers - 12" (Screaming Apple)

Greg at Get Hip is absolutely in love with this band and was competing to have them on his label, but Germany - thanks to Ritchie and Screaming Apple - won the contest and thus we can boast of having presented the world its probably best ever Garage Beat record. Man, this gang has it all the speed, the power, the verve, the style, the beat, the immaculate taste (of picking licks and choosing the covers and souping them up to the Fortune & Maltese standard), the set of vintage guitars brought to best effect, the Premiere drums, the saxophone, the Farfisa organ, the coolest ever tour bus, the hearse, everything to be world famous. If ever a garage band will really move something and not just achieve general acclaim worldwide, it'll be this lot. Just listen to their unbelievable breaks, their killer stops, their generally burning yet lowkey attack: it's the music that blows your hair back at a 90 degree angle, not the volume of the amplification. Their mixture of Mersey-inspired Beat, early 60s R 'n' R and genuine American Teenpunk will set new standards for any garage band coming after them. There will be none, because who could follow them? HJK


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